Posted: March 5, 2014 in Other Stuff.....

I am really not feeling good today. My chest is killing me!! lol… I wonder why? hahahaha. My phone died sometime in the night and I didn’t realize it until four this evening… seems all heck breaks loose on the days your phone dies and your best friend is trying desperately to get a hold of you. Oh my word. Her step children and the crap they cause and disrespect they have towards their father and my best friend… it is going to put me in an early grave!!!! all but one of the kids is so self centered it is so stupid. The make themselves look like fools. If only they heard what their extended family thinks of their actions. I heard all about it when we were in the NICU waiting room when Carrel passed. Idiots… except one.

Oh man… I don’t feel good at all… calling it an early night… but my phone is back on… so it may not be an early night. OH LORD PLEASE!!! PLEASE I beg You… hold my best friend and her husband tight…. Keep their mouths shut and only speak when the Holy Spirit tells them too… Oh my Father… please. They need Help so badly…. Help them I ask in Jesus Name…


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