New plan

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Other Stuff.....

Ok… well the doctor’s office of the pain specialist called today… and do to a family emergency, my appointment for the 31st has been canceled and the earliest they think they can take new patients… and this is only guessing… is in May. Ok. Well, here is the issues with me for this. My primary doctor cannot write a script for my pain medicines… yes plural…. because of Obama care. Only a pain specialist is able to do so now. I will be running out of medicine mid April. Also, I know without finding another path or plan in medicine, I can’t re-join the choir. So my hopes for a new plan and being back in the choir in April have just been dashed.

I missed church yesterday. I was up late and then my phone didn’t switch over when the time changed so when my alarm went off, it was 10:30… Church was already done singing. Oops. But anyway… I was up late because my best friend and her husband invited me to family bowling night and I had a blast. I didn’t play…. but I laughed and smiled so much I was super sore in my face and tummy the next day!

I sent Brie and Keith an email last night. I have been really wanting to see a Cirque de Soulie show for years… but no one will travel that far to see one with me… well… they are putting on a Michael Jackson show called Immortal and I saw a preview of it…. it may not be a full blown Cirque show…. but it is as close as I am going to get and they are coming to Huntsville for two nights only… I am begging them to go with me. I am going to pay for the tickets… and I want to invite Boone and Steadman to go with us. THey make me laugh and I am usually not very comfortable around men… but I am around these guys. So the 5 of us would have a blast I think so I am super pathetic and begging them to go with me!!!! I hope they can!!! I really really do or I will be super bummed. super.


Started writing again. I didn’t like what I had before, but loved the idea and all the Lord showed me through it. So…I deleted it all and started fresh. Same idea… totally different story. We will see where it goes. I am going to write with no clear plan as to where I am going with story. Just going to write until it is time to stop and see where we end up. Looking forward to it.


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