What else can you do?

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Other Stuff.....

These past few days have been rough…. not only am I running out of pain meds, so I am cutting back and feeling the affects of that… not only am I sick…. mentally and emotionally, I am starting to loose it. I am sad. I can feel it creeping up on me. That is a war I CANNOT loose…. I have called on my prayer warriors for help in this area… but oh my it is a fight. So, what else can you do? I sing “Place of Freedom” over and over in my head…


So I’m gonna lift my hands… Til I can reach Heaven…. I’m gonna shout Your Name (JESUS!!!!!)… Til the walls come falling down… I’ve come to worship… I’ve come to worship… I’m gonna sing my song… Like I am unashamed… I’m gonna shout for joy… At the mention of Your Name… I’ve come to worship…. I’ve come to worship…”


if anyone out there reads this… and you know the song… sing it with me….


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